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About your Professors

Streaking the Quad has one purpose – to provide four superb writers with an outlet regarding college sports.  The blog is formatted in a way as to loosely resemble materials you may encounter in a college classroom.  Kinda schticky, sure, but hey, for those of us who didn’t make class a priority in college it really gives a sense of redemption.  Now, why would you read this blog over other blogs?  Simple – we’re knowledgeable, funny, and totally biased towards what we like and negative as hell to what we don’t.  We aren’t a news site.  kansas will ALWAYS be the target of our witty barbs and will always be picked to lose.  SEC speed will be mocked.  The Big 10/11, ACC, and Big East will be exposed for the Pop Warner leagues they are.  We’ll give the Big 12 love, except for the aforementioned beakers and nebraska.  But, with all of that, we’ll be right.  Despite the comedic tone and outright bias, we’ll bring you the truth.  Contridictory?  Nope.  Hilarious?  Absolutely.  You’ll see jokes taken too far.  You’ll see pop culture references, old and new.  You’ll get more technical analysis from some contributors, and straight opinion and snarkiness from others.  We hope you like what you read, and we encourage you to comment on our stories.  We’ll even shoot back if we think your comment is worthy.  And don’t forget about basketball season – we’re looking to skewer that as well.  So, hit a few afterbars, talk some shit to random partygoers, take off your clothes, and run like hell to the other side of campus.  We’ll be waiting with a snide word and the truth.


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  1. On the TSN website I just knocked off a whole blog on “Snarky”. I’m not sure where in this I might fit in but one never knows. PJvW

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