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Pop Quiz – ACC Thursday Edition

So, forgive your professors at STQ for not getting this up sooner — we’ve been busy studying up on the important games — you know, the ones played on Saturday. Better late than sorry, here is how the resident experts break down the conference clash between Wake Forest and Clemson.

Mad Handles — So much for preseason polls, right? I mean, if we were going by what the “experts” predicted before anyone played a down, Clemson would have rolled in this one. Wake 21, Clemson 17

Slow Jerk — Nothing (everything) makes me more excited (brain-fried bored) than a great (god-awful) matchup between teams (random gathering of athletic college students) from the powerful (ball-less) ACC Conference (AARP). Wake 21, Clemson 19

Smooth as Eggs — Consider this a hunch, since Tommy Bowden is still a leading candidate for worst coach in America and Jim Grobe is a genius. But, at some point, the Tigers’ talent will look good for a game. Clemson 20, Wake Forest 17

The Right Rev — Congratulations, Tommy Bowden. Once again, you coach the most disappointing team in college football. You’ve ALMOST got the lifetime achievement award sewed up. Wake 19, Clemson 17

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