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Kenny Chesney – Confirmed Douchebag

Dateline: Nashville.

Country music superstar and noted chickenshit Kenny Chesney was a secret guest on ESPN’s popular Gameday program.  The balding freak was allowed to sit in and pick games with the experts.  Read why he’s a giant douchebag after the jump.

  • He was wearing a Boston Red Sox hat
  • He said that Steve Spurrier called him to talk football.  Bullshit Kenny, the only reason someone like the Ole Ballcoach would call you is to score either some weed or some trim.
  • He picked nebraska over Mizzou because he “remembers Scott Frost throwing the ball off of someone’s head and catching a kick and because the Mizzou defense is not good” – I think having sex with Renee Zellweger causes mental problems.
  • He’s 4-foot-5 and was wearing a tight shirt.
  • Kenny Chesney: Good Musician :: Kathy Bates naked in About Schmidt: Good Spank Bank Material
  • He looks like this:


So, here’s to you, douchebag.

8 Responses

  1. Awesome analysis on KC’s non-existent musical ability. If he had musical talent… he wouldn’t be friends with Tim McGraw.

  2. Wait, is that a photo of Kenny Chesney or TheRightRev? The tight shirt is throwing me off.

  3. Wow, do you guys even like country? If not, it would explain why you hate Kenny and Tim. I think they are both great musicians. They both have amazing voices, so if you don’t like their music, it’s because you don’t like country. It has nothing to do with their talent what-so-ever because they are very talented singers. I’d like to hear you sing, and see how you compare. I bet you don’t come close.

    • Kenny Chesney, trust me, is a no talent ass clown that stole music from the beautiful British virgin islands. He has people come up with songs and lyrics for him so I wouldn’t call that being a musician. He treats the people down there like shit and stole the jost van dyke song from a very talented belonger of the islands. Whilst being a complete dick and ripping of someone else’s lyrics he gave absolutely no credit to “seddy” who very much deserves it. FREE SEDDY FROM CHESNEY!! Keep the movement going by visiting notalentassclown.com/edu

  4. Kenny Chesney is a fraud. He no more country than I am and I live in New Jersey. Im so sick of his cookie cutter every song sounds the same approach. what has happened to country music when someone like Kenny Chesney becomes its face?

  5. I just had an encounter with Kenney and wanted to see of anyone else thought he was an asshole, too. That brought me to your site which made me giggle 🙂 I have to say, Kenney Chesney is THE BIGGEST asshole I have ever met. I just wanted to spread the word. With that said, let me add some more to that list: Richard Dryfus, Bradley Cooper, Dennis Leary, Aretha Franklin, Jonah Hill and Randy Orton. I’ve worked for WWE for 5 years and every 3 weeks a new douchebag emerges.

    • Andi, would so love to hear the details of what happened with your encounter with Kenny Chesney. He has always seemed to be such an arrogant little shit.

  6. How do you expect people to take you seriously when your first complaint about a person is that he’s wearing a Red Sox cap? Are people NOT supposed to root a team just because YOU don’t like them? I may avoid Chesney because of his arrogance, but you have publicly MADE AN ASS OF YOURSELF!

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