Pop Quiz Thursday — Disappointing overranked preseason teams edition

Luckily for Auburn or West Virginia, one team gets a chance to save some face tonight and earn a little bit of respect back. Then again, beating a mediocre team on a Thursday night isn’t really that big of an accomplishment.

Mad Handles — Glad they decided to hide this one on Thursday night. Auburn 6, West Virginia 4

Slow Jerk — Have two “good” teams ever been ground into the shit so much as these two? WVU 3, Auburn 0

Smooth as Eggs — After watching Pat White and Noel Devine blaze past the speedy Tigers D (it has to be speedy. It’s an SEC defense.), Tuberville will decide to get with the times and implement the spread. Oh wait…. West Virginia 27, Auburn 14

The Right Rev — I’m still laughing at Auburn for losing to an Arkansas passing offense lead by Casey Dick. Dicks. West Virginia 17, Auburn 10


Week 9 STQ Dean’s List and Paddle Line

Dean’s List

It would appear that some people were caught unaware for the start of conference season. It’s put up or shut up time, gentlemen. Coaching changes have already been made, as one preseason Deans’ Lister has fallen from glory (looking at you, Clemson). Who will turn their season around in time to save their goals for the season? Who will save face? Who will save nachos? And who will save Grace?

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STQ Week 8 Pop Quiz

Forget all the talk about Max Hall. The BYU quarterback proved he isn’t the promised one. And again, the non-BCS teams show why they don’t get an automatic bid. Now, if the guys in charge would realize the same should apply to the Big East, ACC and Big Mac, we’d be in business. That’s right folks, in addition to picking games and cracking jokes, we here at STQ are also open to change. We embrace change. STQ in 08.


Smooth as Eggs – 131-41 (17-7 last week)

Slow Jerk – 128-44 (17-7)

Mad Handles – 126-46 (17-7)

The Wrong Rev – 124-48 (14-10)





Hawaii at (15) Boise

Boise 31-7

Boise 33-19

Boise 48-14

Boise 28-10

(7) TexTech at aTm

Tech 48-12

aTm 30-26

Tech 52-21

Tech 35-13

Syracuse at (19) USF

USF 24-17

USF 24-15

USF 38-17

USF 24-7

(21) Wake at Maryland

Wake 28-24

Md 30-22

Wake 21-20

Md 22-20

(22) Vandy at (10) UGA

UGA 21-17

Vandy 19-13

UGA 20-17

UGA 28-10

(16) kansAss at (4) OU

OU 38-14

OU 44-13

OU 53-12

OU 666-0

Colorado St at (14) Utah

Utah 35-12

Utah 29-19

Utah 34-12

Utah 24-3

Baylor at (8) Okie St

OSU 27-24

OSU 31-15

OSU 34-27

OSU 38-17

Ole Miss at (2) Alabama

Bama 12-10

Bama 15-14

Bama 24-10

Bama 20-14

(6) USC at Wazzu

USC 42-27

USC 37-20

USC 48-5

USC 38-2

(12) tOSU at (20) Mich St

tOSU 24-21

MSU 29-24

tOSU 27-21

MSU 21-20

(18) UNC at Virginia

UNC 31-24

UNC 30-13

UNC 28-11

UNC 17-10

(23) Pitt at Navy

Pitt 17-14

Pitt 3-0

Pitt 28-26

Pitt 31-30

Michigan at (3) Penn St

PSU 38-24

PSU 45-0

PSU 30-13

PSU 42-14

(11) Missouri at (1) UT

MU 38-35

MU 43-33

MU 42-27

MU 42-38

(13) LSU at USCe

LSU 24-17

USCe 20-14

LSU 32-8

LSU 31-10

(17) VaTech at BC

VT 28-24

VT 19-15

VT 24-10

VT 14-6

(25) Cal at Arizona

Ariz 31-17

Ariz 3-0

Cal 30-24

Ariz 19-17

Nebraska at Iowa St

UNL 17-14

ISU 21-17

ISU 28-23

ISU 28-27

K-State at Colorado

CU 35-28

CU 33-29

CU 41-30

CU 20-19

GaTech at Clemson

GT 17-13

Clem 16-14

GT 17-12

GT 28-20

Wisconsin at Iowa

Wisc 45-27

Wisky 22-10

Wisc 9-7

Iowa 3-2

Miami at Duke

U 38-14

U 20-0

U 26-17

U 24-17

Toledo at Northern Illinois

Tol 27-24

Tol 21-15

Tol 24-21

Tol 37-35

Miss St at Tennessee

Tenn 17-14

Miss St 3-0

Miss St 3-2

Tenn 6-3

Indiana at Illinois

Ill 35-10

Ill 30-20

Ill 24-16

Ill 22-13

What kind of a coach is Greg Robinson? Who is the largest coach in America? These questions and more after the jump.

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Week 7 STQ Dean’s List and Paddle Line

Well sportsfans, that was a hell of a weekend.  3 of your top teams lost.  My beloved Tigers played like they had “Auburn” or “Clemson” on the front of their jerseys.  Texas held Demarco Murray to single digit rushing yards.  Auburn fired Tony Franklin, thus setting back SEC offensive football even further (seriously, it can happen, folks).  This, of course, leads to a shake-up of the Dean’s List and Paddle Line, and a pretty uninspired performance from yours truly, Slow Jerk.  In all fairness, Dez Bryant and his overrated play and acidic attitude tore out my soul for a few days.  So, after the jump, check out where your favorite team ranks and read our witty anecdotes that follow.  Mine are a bit lame, but in all fairness I wrote them with a fauxhawk, mustache, and someone else’s jersey on.  The Rev is not represented on this list because he is busy interviewing for the O-Coordinator position at Auburn.   Click on “more”, bitches.

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STQ Week 7 Pop Quiz

Consider us here at Streaking the Quad as the SEC of college sports blogs. Well, yes, we are the greatest even though we have no way of actually proving that. But that isn’t what I meant. Rather, we came out flat last week and forgot to show up.

Lesson learned. It won’t happen again. To ensure that, Mad Handles spent the week pulling tires, Slow Jerk ran steps, The Right Rev had to listen to about a billion jokes about his smoking hot sister and I, Smooth as Eggs, was forced to watch a replay of Auburn-Mississippi State. Trust me, after that torture, your beloved professors are ready to raise their game.


Smooth as Eggs — 114-35 (0-1 this week)

Slow Jerk — 112-37 (1-0)

The Right Rev — 111 -38 (1-0)

Mad Handles — 110-39 (1-0)






(5) UT vs. (1) OU

OU 38-21

OU 31-24

OU 31-28

OU 38-35

Colorado at (16) kU

kU 28-27

CU 14-10

CU 33-13

CU 666-0

(14) Utah at Wyoming

Utah 45-10

Utah 31-13

Utah 35-3

Utah 24-20

(13) Vandy at Miss. St

Vandy 14-13

Vandy 15-3

Vandy 14-8

Vandy 23-16

Nebraska at (7) TTech

TT 72-24

TT 47-31

TT 66-22

TT 73-28

Arizona St at (8) USC

USC 38-21

USC 33-19

USC 38-9

USC 31-17

Tennessee at (10) UGA

UGA 14-13

UGA 17-7

UGA 17-10

UGA 19-12

Purdue at (12) tOSU

tOSU 35-7

tOSU 29-22

tOSU 27-11

tOSU 28-10

ND at (22) UNC

UNC 28-14

UNC 33-13

UNC 30-14

UNC 21-20

(23) Mich St at NW

NW 28-24

NW 33-29

MSU 28-26

NW 35-34

Arkansas at (20) Aub.

Auburn 10-6

Auburn 2-0

Auburn 19-7

Auburn 3-2

New Mexico at (9) BYU

BYU 42-21

BYU 29-28

BYU 40-24

BYU 49-17

(25) Ball State at W. Ky

Ball 28-17

Ball 30-17

Ball 31-20

Ball 42-34

(17) OSU at (3) Mizzou

MU 55-24

MU 62-23

MU 56-24

MU 52-27

(4) LSU at (11) Florida

UF 24-17

UF 12-10

UF 18-16

UF 30-24

(6) PSU at Wisconsin

PSU 27-24

PSU 35-22

PSU 27-12

PSU 45-19

(15) BSU at South. Miss

Boise 31-13

Boise 41-36

Boise 33-8

Boise 28-27

k-State at aTm

kSU 27-17

kSU 17-3

kSU 30-29

aTm 28-22

Iowa St at Baylor

BU 38-21

BU 31-23

BU 21-17

BU 30-27

Minnesota at Illinois

UofI 41-24

UofI 33-17

UofI 30-14

UofI 33-13

Rutgers at Cincinnati

Cincy 28-17

Cincy 30-10

Cincy 20-18

Cincy 6-3

USCe at Kentucky

UK 17-14

USCe 23-18

USCe 14-10

UK 10-3

Arizona at Stanford

Stan. 31-24

Stan. 26-25

Stan. 16-14

Ariz. 28-27

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Honors Courses – Week 7

Week seven marks the return of Honors Courses. I took a one-week hiatus last week… and can’t really offer a good explanation as to why, other than this isn’t my full-time job, and frankly life just gets in the way sometimes. I couldn’t take this week off, though. There are simply too  many good games to not weigh in. Everyone knows why you should watch Texas/Oklahoma in the Red River Shootout, but what about LSU/Florida, or Tennessee/Georgia? Why is Northwestern probably going to take out Michigan State? Find out in this week’s edition of Honors Courses.

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Pop Quiz – ACC Thursday Edition

So, forgive your professors at STQ for not getting this up sooner — we’ve been busy studying up on the important games — you know, the ones played on Saturday. Better late than sorry, here is how the resident experts break down the conference clash between Wake Forest and Clemson.

Mad Handles — So much for preseason polls, right? I mean, if we were going by what the “experts” predicted before anyone played a down, Clemson would have rolled in this one. Wake 21, Clemson 17

Slow Jerk — Nothing (everything) makes me more excited (brain-fried bored) than a great (god-awful) matchup between teams (random gathering of athletic college students) from the powerful (ball-less) ACC Conference (AARP). Wake 21, Clemson 19

Smooth as Eggs — Consider this a hunch, since Tommy Bowden is still a leading candidate for worst coach in America and Jim Grobe is a genius. But, at some point, the Tigers’ talent will look good for a game. Clemson 20, Wake Forest 17

The Right Rev — Congratulations, Tommy Bowden. Once again, you coach the most disappointing team in college football. You’ve ALMOST got the lifetime achievement award sewed up. Wake 19, Clemson 17