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Bo Pelini,  your team was in great shape to steal the game from VaTech last night, a pretty remarkable accomplishment, given the way your listless Cornhusker squad slept its way through the first half. Your defense, which had left open lane after lane all night long finally came up big and forced a Hokie punt, which Nate “Great White Hope” Swift returned for a touchdown. Down just 5 points, momentum finally appeared to be on your side. Then, when it mattered most, your team exhibited a remarkable lack of discipline, highlighted, of course, by your complete overreaction to what was a good and proper personal foul call by the official. Way to take the game away from your players, pal. For that, you wear the dunce cap this week, as demonstrated by this hastily slapped together Photoshop image.

5 Responses

  1. Bo imploded. Big deal. I thought everyone saw this coming. What surprised me is how this blog didn’t. You guys are usually very objective… but you totally missed the boat on this one.

  2. Has a football coach ever been thrown out of a game? I ask because as Pelini and his team was self-destructing I thought that would have been a good as time as any to throw a coach out.

  3. He could have used a “T” to rally the troops. It is also VERY SCARY to see Bo and Carl standing next to each other. Their noses could cut glass.

  4. I didn’t get to see the game, but I am glad I got a little analysis on how it ended…..


  5. Epic Fail if you will

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