Pop Quiz Thursday – Trojans and Beavers Edition

Trojans and Beavers
On one hand you have a lethal batch of Trojans — USC that is. On the other hand, some wounded Beavers — Oregon State that is — that are used to taking a pounding. Seems like a mismatch. That’s what it seemed like two years ago, too, when USC traveled to Corvallis, Ore. Instead, Oregon State shocked the world. Will we have another shocker, only our experts know and they’ll break it down after the jump.

(1) USC at Oregon State

Mad Handles — Did you hear the news? It’s possible that USC could go undefeated and NOT play in the title game. Damn computers! Do billowing locks of silver hair count for nothing? USC 38, Oregon State 24

Slow Jerk — This game is on Thursday? When did USC join the Big East? Is it sad that the Big East might be better than the PAC-10? It is sad. Like Punky Brewster having a breast reduction sad. USC 37, Oregon State 12

Smooth as Eggs — Headlines everywhere should read “Trojans hammer Beavers”. USC 47, Oregon State 13

The Right Rev — Oregon State upset USC? Crazier things have happened. Like Oregon State upsetting USC in 2006. Too bad the Beavers have spent the whole year getting pounded. (Stop giggling). USC 42, Oregon State 10


One Response

  1. Trojans Cannot Penetrate Beavers

    I kind of called this one. Kind of.

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