Pop Quiz Wednesday – Kansas State at Louisville

For some reason, the Big 12 has taken the Big East path of scheduling games. In other words, no day is safe anymore. Thanks to that revelation – and ESPNs agreement to televise filth – the American viewing public is subject to Kansas State and Louisville tonight. Watch at your own risk, but first, the STQ experts fill you in on what to expect.

Mad Handles – Louisville has no business losing to a juco team at home. Louisville 38, Kansas St. 31

Slow Jerk -ksu beat ’em when they were good.  now?  they suck.  Go Big 12.  WEDNESDAY?  weird. ksu 21, UL 17

Smooth as Eggs – K-State may have a coaching advantage. Let that sink in. K-State 19, Louisville 6

The Right Rev – Louisville isn’t good anymore, folks. kSU 28, Louisville 12


3 Responses

  1. The game was scheduled on Wednesday because the Ryder Cup is in Louisville this week, one of the biggest events in sports.

    Also, just because a team is disappointing a year ago doesn’t make them forever bad. These premature conclusions make all sports fans look bad. Teams are just getting started after two games.

  2. Charlie, thanks for the comment – but are you trying to tell us that we can’t draw rash conclusions after 2-3 games?

  3. Oh yeah. The broadcast crew made it abundantly clear that the Ryder Cup was occurring this week. It was all they could talk about. I’ve never watched a football game that announcers cared less about. It was a joke.

    kansas State just isn’t all that great, man. It’s true. I have a few k-State friends, and they’re all just looking forward to the end of the Ron Prince era. This game was a means to an end, as far as they were concerned. It’d be cool if you guys could beat kansas this year, though. Good luck.

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