STQ Visual Aid

Here at STQ we want you to be ready for all your upcoming tests and projects.  Tonight there is a pretty important test between USF and ku.  So, to prepare you, we will often give you a visual aid to help you study.  The point of this blog is your success.

Tonight, we have USF MONSTER George Selvie.  ku has pissed off the wrong DE.  George Selvie is as close to Brian Coulter as a mere mortal can hope to get. He’s coming after you, ku.  With a smile on his face and a hunger for Todd Reesing’s soul.


3 Responses

  1. Monster Gerorde raped little Todd Reesing tonight! I think Selvie picked up Reesing and took him home to put in his trophy case. Another white boy QB goes down to the monster!!

  2. We here at STQ dig the enthusiasm, ma’am, but as a white boy myself, I would prefer you not lump the likes of Todd Reesing in with me. The guy is a 5 foot drunk who lives in kansas.

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