STQ Week 2 Pop Quiz

We all may know him as Slow Jerk, but he got off to as quick of a start as his good friend Two-pump Chump in Week One, scoring a 30 out of 36 on the Pop Quiz. Not to be outdone was The Right Rev, also scoring a 30. Smooth as Eggs had a little bit rougher time, scoring a 29 and Mad Handles proved to be scary smart, finishing with a 27.

Mad Handles

Slow Jerk


The Right Rev

Marshall at (11) Wisconsin

Marsh. 28-24

Wisc. 9-6

Wisc. 13-0

Wisc. 9-3

E. Illinois at (24) Illinois

Ill. 38-17

Ill. 39-17

Ill. 61-13

Ill. 45-13

Ohio at (3) Ohowihate

tOSU 45-21

tOSU 37-10

tOSU 55-5

tOSU 34-6

S. Miss at (9) Auburn

Auburn 31-10

Auburn 31-16

Auburn 27-17

Auburn 24-7

(15) BYU at Washington

BYU 38-17

BYU 41-20

BYU 41-15

BYU 26-19

Utah St. at (18) Oregon

Oregon 38-14

Oregon 29-12

Oregon 47-6

Oregon 38-10

Cincinnati at (4) OU

OU 54-10

OU 40-10

OU 48-10

OU 42-16

Ole Miss at (20) Wake

Wake 24-21

Wake 23-21

Wake 24-13

Wake 23-15

Oreg. St. at (19) Penn St.

PSU 42-21

PSU 49-13

PSU 37-18

PSU 19-10

C. Michigan at (2) UGA

UGA 42-17

UGA 31-13

UGA 42-28

UGA 3-2

(8) W. Virginia at ECU

WVU 45-10

ECU 31-29

WVU 44-17

WVU 48-17

(17) USF at UCF

USF 34-6

USF 49-22

USF 28-12

USF 28-17

SEMO at (6) Missouri

Mizzou 59-9

Mizzou 70-6

Mizzou 77-3

Mizzou 99M-0

LaTech at (14) kansAss

Latech 34-28

LaTech 17-10

LaTech 2B-0

LaTech 17-13

Tulane at (13) Alabama

Bama 38-14

Bama 27-17

Bama 21-6

Bama 22-9

Miami at (5) Florida

UF 52-17

UF 39-13

UF 36-16

UF 44-13

(12) Tech at Nevada

Tech 48-31

Tech 38-35

Tech 55-33

Tech 45-35

Stanford at (15) Ariz. St

Stan. 28-24

ASU 31-19

Stan. 40-28

Stan. 27-24

(10) Texas at UTEP

Texas 34-13

Texas 38-18

Texas 48-11

Texas 52-12

UNLV at (22) Utah

Utah 33-10

Utah 39-10

Utah 37-7

Utah 39-22

San Jose State at UNL

UNL 42-17

UNL 40-30

UNL 28-6

UNL 27-21

E. Wash. at Colorado

CU 42-10

CU 35-10

CU 42-9

CU 20-3

aTm at New Mexico

NM 27-24

NM 25-12

NM 30-16

NM 24-23

Kent State at Iowa State

ISU 14-9

ISU 23-22

ISU 66-10

ISU 31-20

NW State at Baylor

BU 17-3

BU 25-20

BU 10-9

BU 26-14

Houston at Okie State

OSU 38-24

OSU 40-19

OSU 48-43

OSU 35-17

Montana State at K-State

KSU 35-3

KSU 22-9

KSU 32-12

KSU 30-6

Cal at Wazzu

Cal 42-38

Cal 21-11

Cal 48-45

Cal 34-14

GaTech at Boston College

GT 24-21

BC 21-19

GT 35-27

GT 20-17

Northwestern at Duke

NW 21-10

NW 3-2

NW 24-20

NW 28-3

Buffalo at Pitt

Buff. 35-20

Pitt 21-10

Pitt 20-17

Buff. 19-9

Top 25

Marshall at (11) Wisconsin

Mad HandlesYeah. I’m calling the upset. Watching the Wisconsin offense is kind of like having your drink spiked with GHB. Afterward, there’s a block of time about which you can remember nothing, but you definitely feel violated. Marshall 28, Wisconsin 24

Slow Jerk – Do people in Wisconsin even get excited about Badger Football?  I doubt it. Wisconsin 9, Marshall 6

Smooth as EggsAt one time Marshall was like the winningest college football program of the 1990s. Then Randy Moss left. Chad Pennington graduated. Now, the Thundering Herd will get bored into submission. But they are still Marshall. Wisconsin 13, Marshall 0

The Right Rev – The only way this game is interesting is if Marshall slips Randy Moss into uniform at halftime. Hey, if there’s anyone crazy enough, it’s Randy (and he might bring smoothies from his store!) Wisconsin 9, Marshall 3

Eastern Illinois at (24) Illinois

Mad Handles In what will be the freak injury of the year, Juice Williams will zing what should be a short touch pass on a screen and rip the hand clean off of an unlucky Illini receiver. He’ll be thankful the pass was not errantly aimed at his head. Illinois 38, Eastern Illinois 17

Slow Jerk – The newly anointed Dan Fouts will complete 3 long passes for about 250 yards.  Everything else will be thrown higher than Seth Rogen.  Juicy Baby. Illinois 39, Eastern Illinois 17

Smooth as EggsFinally, Illinois’ defense will look like the greatest in state history. Or whatever BS that Illinois dude was trying to sell last week. Illinois 61, Eastern Illinois 13

The Right Rev – OK. So Juice Williams can throw. That makes this even tougher for EIU (or whatever they call themselves). Illinois 45, Eastern Illinois 13

Ohio at (3) OhowihateOhio State

Mad Handles Only ’cause Tressel wises up and learns when to hold Beanie Wells out. OSU 45, Ohio 21

Slow Jerk – Beanie doesn’t play.  Solich will be about 16 fingers deep in scotch.  Lou Holtz will say Beanie played well.  Without the scotch. the other Ohio 37, Ohio 10

Smooth as EggsThe Buckeyes shouldn’t need Chris “I hurt my Beanie” Wells to continue their crusade through the state of Ohio. Ohowihateohio State 55, Ohio 5

The Right Rev – The primary state school should own its younger brother, right? Everywhere but Ohio, folks. Everywhere but Ohio. Second state U 34, Ohio 6

Southern Miss at (9) Auburn

Mad Handles – Should be a little easier than UL-Monroe. Should be. Auburn 31-10

Slow Jerk – Really, ranked ninth?  They won’t play like it. Auburn 31, Southern Miss 16

Smooth as EggsThe Tigers went to a spread attack to learn offense. Unfortunately, Auburn’s ‘O’ is still just offensive. Despite possessing a former Texas Tech quarterback, Auburn racked up a whopping 85 yards passing against UL-Monroe last week. Auburn 27, Southern Miss 17

The Right Rev – Auburn: Next overrated SEC team to shat itself. Just not this week. Auburn 244, Southern Miss 7

(15) BYU at Washington

Mad Handles – I’m probably the last one, but I’m officially off the Willingham bandwagon. What in the hell happened with this guy? BYU 38, Washington 17

Slow Jerk – Those Mormons will kick their… um… hindquarters – and will do it without cussing, drinking, or eating candy. BYU 41, Washington 20

Smooth as EggsMormon U. hammers the next nail into Ty’s coaching coffin. BYU 41, Washington 15

The Right Rev – Fighting Cougars plus fighting Mormons plus Ty “Worst Coach in America” Willingham equals more than Jake Locker can make up. Sad. BYU 26, Washington 19

Utah State at (18) Oregon

Mad Handles – Hey, I watched the Prefontaine movies – the one that really sucked, and the one that kind of sucked. I always thought it was cool that Bowerman made their track shoes with a waffle iron. It’s nice to see that spirit is still alive when it comes to designing Oregon’s uniforms. NIKE U 38, Utah State 14

Slow Jerk – I have to admit, Oregon looked OK last week.  Too bad their uniforms look like what just came out of my dog’s ass. Oregon 29, Utah State 12

Smooth as EggsCan we sub in Utah for Utah State? The only thing uglier than Oregon’s uniforms may be this game. Oregon 47, Utah State 6

The Right Rev – Turns out, Oregon ain’t so bad post Dennis Dixon. As long as they keep that damn Leaf off the field, they’ll be fine. Oregon 38, Utah State 10

Cincinnati at (4) Oklahoma

Mad Handles – Do you get the feeling that Cincy ought to start looking for the Bob Huggins of college football? Without the weak heart and the DUI’s of course. Oklahoma 54, Cincinnati 10

Slow Jerk – The Big East – is this all you got?  Cinci-effing-nnati?  You have to do better than that to beat the big boys.  Although, if this were a bowl game, OU would lose. Oklahoma 40, Cincinnati 10

Smooth as EggsThe Bearcats would have a better chance suiting up Bob Huggins’ basketball teams from about a decade ago. Oklahoma 48, Cincinnati 10

The Right Rev – Ben Mauk needs to STFU and STFD. Seriously. He whines so much, you’d think he plays basketball for Duke. Oklahoma 42, Cincinnati 16

Ole Miss at (20) Wake Forest

Mad Handles – Ah, the storied SEC/ACC Challenge! Wait. No. That’s not anything official. Hmm. Oh well… the SEC continues its domina… haha! I just can’t do it, man. Even an ACC team can take out this Mississippi squad. Wake Forest 24, Ole Mess 21

Slow Jerk – I still like Wake to win the ACC now that it’s confirmed that conference is about as talented as the retards on The Hills.  But, Ole Miss plays their one good game away from the Grove this year. Wake Forest 23, Ole Miss 21

Smooth as EggsThis should be simple, right? The SEC against the ACC. However, unlike most ACC teams, Wake Forest is well-coached. Also, Ole Miss is putrid. Wake Forest 24, Ole Miss 13

The Right Rev – Wake Forest: ACC’s best team? Yeah, it still sounds weird. Clemson fans should stop cutting themselves in the bathroom (It’s like adrenaline, and pain is such a sudden rush to me!) and start cutting Tommy Bowden. Wake Forest 23, Ole Miss 15

Oregon State at (19) Penn State

Mad Handles – When they make the movie about Joe Pa’s life, I hope Joe Pesci gets the role. Penn State 42, Oregon State 21

Slow Jerk – Oregon State has the speedy Stroughter.  But as a team, they are about as vanilla white as the Penn State student section.  Also, Joe Paterno has to score as many points as he can before he leaves this earth. Penn State 49, Oregon State 13

Smooth as EggsThe Right Rev was right in predicting big things from Sammie Stroughter – 12 catches for 157 yards and two touchdowns in the Oregon State’s opener. Unfortunately, he is all Oregon State has, leaving the Beavers in a hairy situation. Penn State 37, Oregon State 18

The Right Rev – JoePa is so old. How old is he? He’s so old, when he hears his team snicker after he tell them to “Go pound those Beavers” before the game starts, he won’t understand what’s so damn funny. Penn State 19, Oregon State 10

Central Michigan at (2) Georgia

Mad Handles – Yeah. A blowout. But the Bulldogs know that the Georgia state penal code puts up a much stronger fight. Georgia 42-17

Slow Jerk – The Chippewas keep it close for a half.  At one point, Matthew Stafford makes a pass at their QB.  A fight brakes out, and then UGA shows why they shouldn’t be ranked number one by playing shitty against CMU. Georgia 31, Central Michigan 13

Smooth as EggsSo much for the top-ranked Dawgs. Was it the arrests and suspensions? Or the lack of an overwhelming performance against Georgia Southern? Or maybe sports writers finally realized that Matthew Stafford is a better manspooner than quarterback. Man-Spooning Crime Dawgs 42, Central Michigan 28

The Right Rev – Dan LeFevour is the second-best QB no one knows about (More on that in a minute), but UGA is, well, an SEC team. Which means they can’t even lose except to another SEC team, right? Georgia 3, Central Michigan 2

(8) West Virginia at East Carolina

Mad Handles – Well, at least ECU gets to collect two nice paychecks in a row. Who’s next? West Virginia 45, East Carolina 10

Slow Jerk – That’s right.  I’m calling this one. I got BGSU right last week – and i’ll keep it going here.  Why not?  Pat White has the arm strength of David Eckstein. East Carolina 31, West Virginia 29

Smooth as EggsHere is what we learned last week: Sean Glennon is worse than a Holtz. Bad news for East Carolina – Pat White isn’t a sorry excuse for a quarterback. West Virginia 44, East Carolina 17

The Right Rev – Two weeks in a row? Pat White says “Hell no.” And Lou Holtz will slobber about how hard his boy Skippy tried. West Virginia 48, East Carolina 17

(17) South Florida at UCF

Mad Handles – Nonconference battles between directional schools in Florida get me wet. South Florida 34, UCF 6

Slow Jerk – UCF has no match for their directional-florida school counterpart. South Florida 49, UCF 22

Smooth as EggsSouth Florida continues to prove its the second best team in Florida. Luckily, the Bulls do get to play UCF after its discovered that George O’Leary didn’t lie about having a team. South Florida 28, UCF 12

The Right Rev – Even Daunte Culpepper couldn’t put the Golden Knights over the top in this one. South Florida 28, UCF 17

SEMO at (6) Missouri

Mad Handles – There are about 500 things that could happen in this game that are more interesting than the outcome of the game. I bet SEMO tries to go long, though. Once. Missouri 59, SEMO 9

Slow Jerk – Pinkel has to stop playing nice.  Also, it will be good to know that there will be an additional 80 or so Mizzou fans in the stadium for this one – they’ll be wearing SEMO jerseys and their seats are right on the field. Missouri 70, SEMO 6

Smooth as EggsI’ve seen a lot of SEMO football in my day. Ninety-nine percent of it was bad (although Kelvin “Earthquake” Anderson was a bad dude). This may be the worst ever for the Indians. They went to overtime to beat a squad consisting of Slow Jerk’s two dogs and subsequent droppings. Now, SEMO must face a the high-flying Missouri Tigers. You heard it here first: It will take a lot of work for Missouri to not hit triple digits. Missouri 77, SEMO 3

The Right Rev – It’s sad, really. Poor SEMO has no chance. Tune in, if you can, to watch the debut of wunder-recruit QB Blaine Gabbert. Missouri 99999999, SEMO 0

Louisiana Tech at (14) kansAss

Mad Handles – My fellow bloggers are making joke predictions about this one. Mine is legit. kU goes down in this one harder than Mangino diving after a fallen twinkie. LaTech 34, kansAss 28

Slow Jerk – Todd Reesing suffers from genital warts and has an outbreak while in the pocket, thus infecting his entire O-line.  They must be replace so they can erotically spread salve on each other’s gear, opening the door for an upset. LaTech 17, kansAss 10

Smooth as EggsI can’t wait for Terry Bradshaw and Troy Edwards to light up Lawrence like it was 1863. LaTech 2 billion, kansAss 0

The Right Rev – Two weeks in a row? Yeah, it happens. And not just because I hate kansas – because kansas’ can’t run the ball, it’s new starting OTs are bad, and La. Tech is dangerous. LaTech 17, kansAss 13

Tulane at (13) Alabama

Mad Handles – I just don’t see it going any other way. I don’t know. John Parker Wilson sounds like a much better name for a serial killer than a Crimson Tide QB. I guess the two don’t have to be mutually exclusive, though. Alabama 38, Tulane 14

Slow Jerk – This isn’t Clemson.  It’s Tulane.  They know what Defense is. Bama 27, Tulane 17

Smooth as EggsIt’s pretty common knowledge that Tommy Bowden is incompetent, right? Or am I just that much smarter than everybody? So why do people suddenly think that Alabama is a great team? John Parker Wilson is still the Tide’s quarterback, correct? Consider me not sold. Alabama 21, Tulane 6

The Right Rev – OK, Bama might be better than I thought. But to jump this many spots in the Top 25? Come on, now…Bama 22, Tulane 9

Miami at (5) Florida

Mad Handles – At least when Miami players were committing felonies the team was interesting. Now look at ’em. Respectable losers, but losers all the same. Florida 52, Miami 17

Slow Jerk – Remember when this game was marquee? Florida 39, Miami 13

Smooth as EggsImagine what Florida could have done to Hawaii had Percy Harvin and Brandon Spikes suited up. That is now Miami’s concern. Florida 36, Miami 16

The Right Rev – Remember when this game used to mean something? Bad news: I knew Butch Davis, and you, Randy Shannon, are no Butch Davis. Florida 44, Miami 13

(12) Texas Tech at Nevada

Mad Handles – Mike Leach wipes his brow after this one. You get the feeling that Tech’s opponent each week is its own defense. Question: Is it considered a win over a quality opponent any time the Tech offense scores more than its defense allows? Texas Tech 48, Nevada 31

Slow Jerk – Better defense my ass. Tech 38, Nevada 35

Smooth as EggsThis will be the greatest show to hit Nevada since that lion mauled that dude from Siegfried and Roy. Tech 55, Nevada 33

The Right Rev – Texas Tech’s D hardly shown in Game 1 – maybe it isn’t much better than last year? Shocker. But they avoid getting pistol-whipped… barely. Texas Tech 45, Nevada 35

Stanford at (15) Arizona State

Mad Handles – Why not? Stanford took out USC last season. Why not the Sun Devils this season? Stanford 28, Arizona State 24

Slow Jerk – Stanford keeps it close, but Erickson cheats at the end. Arizona State 31, Stanford 19

Smooth as EggsSeriously, what is ‘the Cardinal?” And a tree as a mascot? Stanford is better than most people give it credit for. Also, Arizona State has its sights set on them Crime Dawgs. Stanford 40, Arizona State 38

The Right Rev – Here’s another upset special folks. See Jim Harbaugh over there? He’s coaching genius personified – at least for right now. Stanford 27, Arizona State 24

(10) Texas at UTEP

Mad Handles – Do you get the feeling that this will still be a “home” game for Texas? I do. Texas 34, UTEP 13

Slow Jerk – Blah.  UT, play someone.  Colt McCoy still is mediocre. ‘Texas 38, UTEP 18

Smooth as EggsDoes the Colt McCoy reclamation project continue? At least until the Longhorns play a decent opponent. That is, unless Mike Price mistakes him for Destiny. Texas 48, UTEP 11

The Right Rev – UTEP got rolled by Buffalo. That bodes… poorly. Texas 52, UTEP 12

UNLV at (22) Utah

Mad Handles – Go Utes! Outside of watching my Tigers whip Illinois, seeing Utah punk Michigan was my favorite memory from last week. I think the rest of the country could hear the laughter emanating from Morgantown. Utah 33, UNLV 10

Slow Jerk – The Runnin’ Rebels play football?  I think I knew this.  Kinda. Utah 39, UNLV 10

Smooth as EggsToo bad this isn’t basketball season. Utah 37, UNLV 7

The Right Rev – Meet the best QB no one knows about: Brian Johnson of Utah. Ask Rich Rod – he knows. Utah 39, UNLV 22

Big 12

San Jose State at Nebraska

Mad Handles – Tattoo parlors in Lincoln see a rush of people this week requesting “Bo 4 Lyfe!” gut tats. This is THE YEAR! Nebraska 42, San Jose State 17

Slow Jerk – Their shirts aren’t black yet, but their pants are sure to be brown after this close one. Nebraska 40, San Jose State 30

Smooth as EggsThe Blackshirts are reBOrn. Oh wait. Nebraska’s defense still sucks. It’s just that San Jose State is easier than The Right Rev’s sister. Nebraska 28, San Jose State 6

The Right Rev – Nebraska’s wheels won’t fall off yet. And their fans’ expectations will climb even higher. Nebraska 27, San Jose State 22

Eastern Washington at Colorado

Mad Handles – Even a Cody Hawkins-led Colorado team should roll EWU. Colorado 42, Eastern Washington 10

Slow Jerk – Colorado might have a decent team.  Terrible QB, though. Colorado 35, E. Washington 10

Smooth as EggsSign of progress for the Buffaloes. Two years ago, Colorado lost to a I-AA team in Dan Hawkins’ debut season. Now, Colorado is a real D-I team. Colorado 42, Eastern Washington 9

The Right Rev – Colorado lose to a directional school? What do you think this is, kansas State? Colorado 20, Eastern Washington 3

aTm at New Mexico

Mad Handles – Won on a late field goal. That’s all I have. New Mexico 27, aTm 24

Slow Jerk – Sherman is praying to the Favre gods. New Mexico 25, aTm 12

Smooth as EggsRocky Long knows “real” football. aTm doesn’t play “real” football. I think that’s called soccer. New Mexico 30, aTm 16

The Right Rev – Rocky Long doesn’t believe in finesse football. aTm is trying to run the WCO (with QBs that can’t throw). Aggies stay in the Big 12 basement – and at the head of our paddle line. New Mexico 24, aTm 23

Kent State at Iowa State

Mad Handles – It won’t take much to beat this ISU team again this season. Unfortunately, Kent St. doesn’t have much. Iowa State 14, Kent State 9

Slow Jerk – Yay for the Big 12! Iowa State 23, Kent State 22

Smooth as EggsIf Iowa State fans were delusional kool-aid guzzling morons, they’d now claim to be title threats and be touting Arnaud as a Heisman contender. Iowa State 66, Kent State 10

The Right Rev – Iowa State will roll through their opponents like a flash, thanks to tanks and submachine guns. Iowa State 31, Kent State 20

Northwestern State at Baylor

Mad Handles – Where in the hell is Northwestern St.? Baylor 17, Northwestern State 3

Slow Jerk – Baylor was outmatched by Wake.  If they are outmatched in this one, I banish them to either the Sun Belt or ACC. Baylor 25, Northwestern State 20

Smooth as EggsThis is why Art Briles took over the Bears. For those mammoth matchups with Northwestern State. Baylor 10, Northwestern State 9

The Right Rev – Congrats, Baylor: You’re no longer the worst team in the league. Huzzah! Baylor 24, Northwestern State 16

Houston at Oklahoma State

Mad Handles – Closer than it needs to be, but Sumlin is a good coach. He’s itching to make a statement. It just doesn’t happen this week. Oklahoma State 38, Houston 24

Slow Jerk – (insert obvious I’m 40 joke). Oklahoma State 40, Houston 19

Smooth as EggsBrandon Pettigrew is not the best tight end in the Big 12. He’s not even the best tight end in Oklahoma. F you Dennis Franchione and Bob Stoops and whoever else decided to diss Martin Rucker last year. Oklahoma State 48, Houston 43

The Right Rev – Zac Robinson: Still nasty. Mike Gundy: Still a man. Oklahoma State: Still undefeated. Oklahoma State 35, Houston 17

Montana State at k-state

Mad Handles – Quick, someone tell me which team is least relevant to college football? It’s not as easy as it sounds. k-state 35, Montana State 3

Slow Jerk – I did not know there was a Montana State Community College.  I think just learning that gave me my AA in kansas. kansas state 22, Montana State 9

Smooth as EggsThis is where I’d pick Fresno State to continue embarrassing BCS conference foes. Except Ron Prince was ‘Scary Smart’ enough to realize his junior college product can’t even match-up with WAC foes, much less Big 12. Also, it is a good opportunity for the Purple Kittens’ Josh Freeman to pad those stats as the top pick in the 2009 draft. k-state 32, Montana State 12

The Right Rev – Just a few years ago, this would have been a contest. kansas state 30, Montana State 6


Cal at Washington State

Mad Handles – Fan of defense? Stay the hell away. Cal 42, Washington State 28

Slow Jerk – I really know nothing about this game, nor do I care to find out. Cal 21, Washington State 11

Smooth as EggsIt’s Pac-10 football, expect a scoring overload. Cal 48, Wazzu 45

The Right Rev – Wazzu will need a kazoo to sing the blues after Jahvid Best and Co. are done. Cal 34, Washington State 14 (even with the dirty hippies contributing a touchdown in Wazzu’s favor)

Georgia Tech at Boston College

Mad Handles – The triple option is fun. Wisconsin should watch this game closely and learn. Georgia Tech 24, Boston College 21

Slow Jerk – And the ACC slate opens up.  I pass out from excitement and wake up in a bath of ice cubes with my eyes poked out.  Self inflicted. Boston College 21, Georgia Tech 19

Smooth as EggsTriple option football. A thing of beauty. GaTech 35, BC 27

The Right Rev – Fear the triple option like the triple option fears you. GaTech 20, Boston College 17

Northwestern at Duke

Mad Handles – My pal Brad gave me tons of shit for picking against Northwestern last week. I’m expecting nice, gushing words this week. Northwestern 21, Duke 10

Slow Jerk – Words cannot explain how absolutely terrible this game is.  If it is on TV I will personally shoot Linda Cohn in the kneecaps. Northwestern 3, Duke 2

Smooth as EggsSmart kids playing football. It’s crap-tastic. Northwestern 24, Duke 20

The Right Rev – Really? We’re picking a Duke game? OK. Northwestern 28, Duke 3

Buffalo at Pitt

Mad Handles – Nebraska’s next coach (and I’m thinking short-term) takes out The Moustache. Buffalo 35, Pitt 20

Slow Jerk – The upset was tempting.  But Buffalo just isn’t up to Pitt’s “shitty” level, they are down in the “ultra shitty” category. Pitt 21, Buffalo 10

Smooth as EggsWhile Turner Gill continues to wonder what he did to upset BFF Dr. Tom Osborne, Dave Wannestedt ponders how it went so terribly wrong since leaving Jimmy Johnson’s side. Pitt 20, Buffalo 17

The Right Rev – Apparently, Shady McCoy ISN’T better than the entire MAC. Oops. Better than Buffalo? The safe pick seems like: Buffalo 19, Pitt 9 (And Turner Gill moves to No. 2 on the ‘we should have hired him instead’ list for Nebraska fans. Just wait. It will happen.)


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