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STQ Roundtable: preseason Dean’s List

We came. We saw. We chatted. We ranked.

slowjerk: anyway – number 1

The Right Reverend i vote for USC

slowjerk: damn, I agree

Smooth as Eggs that’s what I was thinking, too

The Right Reverend because rey manalauga told me he would eat my arm if i didn’t

slowjerk: coming off of an absolute beating of (and I hate to say this) a pretty good Illini team

Smooth as Eggs even if Mark Sanchez is better at assaulting females than throwing a football

slowjerk: Mark Sanchez > John David Booty

The Right Reverend I think Mitch Mustain’s mom likes Sanchez. either that, or she’s planning a hit on him so her boy can play… i can’t remember which it was

Smooth as Eggs well, obviously Mitch Mustain is better than Sanchez. Mitch Mustain played in the SEC

slowjerk: Mustain is trash.
I’ll tell you what, though – USC has a pretty brutal schedule

The Right Reverend what, you hate arkansas or something?

slowjerk: @ Virginia – ok, not a powerhouse – but that’s a dicey road game to start off the year. They win – but still.

Smooth as Eggs Ohowihate (with regards to Caught on The Fly)

slowjerk: Tough game

Smooth as Eggs except Ohowihate lost to Illinois

slowjerk: They are lucky to get oregon and asu at home

Smooth as Eggs and again, we all know what? That USC Sanchezed Illinois.

The Right Reverend and Juice williams still has nightmares about manalauga?
Hey, juice and i have something in common.

slowjerk: Damn, maybe their schedule ain’t that bad

Smooth as Eggs not to mention, Notre Dame

The Right Reverend whoa, that’s a tough one

Smooth as Eggs I’m still waiting for the Irish to get a BCS berth for winning 2 games

The Right Reverend i mean, they’ll be appearing in our list, right?

Smooth as Eggs does that mention count?
Because, otherwise, not so much. Same for Arkansas

The Right Reverend so USC is at the top of the dean’s list.
way to set the curve, assholes

Smooth as Eggs USC should be No. 1, though…the Trojans are about as close to a pro team as college football can see
– and I’m not even talking about Reggie Bush’s payments

slowjerk: I think that the third string RB for the Chargers is also on USC’s depth chart

Smooth as Eggs only at USC, he’s what, 10th. Does he lead us to our No. 2 – Kansas State?

The Right Reverend no, but that does lead us to our No. 2 …

The Right Reverend I’ll go with Oklahoma. i’d love to do MU at No. 2, but I can’t until they beat OU. check back with me on december 7.

Smooth as Eggs Until Missouri beats Oklahoma, the Sooners are the team to beat in the Big 12. Oklahoma – home to the second largest man in the Big 12: Phil Loadholt

slowjerk: Oklahoma’s schedule is interesting.
Who would have thought that Cincinnati could give them a game?
Now – no way Danny Fortson’s alma mater wins that one. But still… OU lucks out with the home/road spits in conference: texas, ttech, and ku at home; ksu, baylor, osu on the road

Smooth as Eggs yeah, Texas at Dallas and then getting Tech at home is a nice break. but don’t discount Okie State too much the Bedlam game usually ends up pretty interesting.

slowjerk: aTm is always tough to play. maybe because the opponents are wondering where the cheerleaders are

Smooth as Eggs not impressed by yell leaders, huh?

The Right Reverend neil patrick harris likes yell leaders

slowjerk: I was at an aTm last year and sat over by where the yell leaders. they were less “cheering” and more “reenacting homosexual erotica”
… not that there’s anything wrong with that

Smooth as Eggs biggest key to the Sooners at No. 2:
Auston English returned to practice today.
And Chase Daniel still has nightmares about English

The Right Reverend still, oklahoma returns an impressive offensive and defensive line.
sam bradford is cool and productive, and demarco murray is explosive.
as long as the sooners get good LB play – and they always find good LBs – they will be formidable

at least until they run into…

The Right Reverend No. 3 on the dean’s list: Missouri

slowjerk: I’ll punch random people in the face if they disagree. Schedule is in Mizzou’s favor, that’s for sure

Smooth as Eggs Missouri has, in addition to an awesome offense, the Maneaters on defense. That’s right, break out the Maneaters nickname again.

slowjerk: i read some article that had a big 12 prediction, and they said that Mizzou’s D was their weakness

Smooth as Eggs William Moore, Sean Weatherspoon and Ziggy Hood. the Tigers’ defense returns 10 of 11 starters that absolutely destroyed Arkansas in the Cotton Bowl

slowjerk: That has the chance to be a special D. The opener against ILL in StL is going to be the key to the season.: if this team can do what it is capable in that game, the sky is the limit

Smooth as Eggs the only problem is Missouri’s toughest games are all away from Columbia.
Illinois in St. Louis.at Nebraska (while the Tigers are the superior team, until they win in Lincoln, that’s a tough game). at Texas.
against kansas in KC.

slowjerk: nebraska’s fans will be tougher than the team, and Mizzou will make ku look ridiculous – just like tony kornheiser’s all tan suit for MNF this week (what the hell, man?)

The Right Reverend seriously, tony.
you can do better

slowjerk: yep. But I like Mizzou at 3

The Right Reverend you know who i don’t like? the team i have to vote for at no. 4

Smooth as Eggs wait, before we move on – Chase Daniel and Chase Coffman. just had to mention them

The Right Reverend Georgia

Smooth as Eggs Georgia is loaded, however, so is the CrimeDawgs’ schedule

slowjerk: where would they have been without stafford? they’d be ok
without knoshon, now that’s

Smooth as Eggs at South carolina. at arizona State (the Dawgs’ first trip out of the southeast since Sherman blazed his way through)

Vanderbilt (yawn).

at LSU
That’s a seven-game stretch for Georgia

slowjerk: where they could easily lose 2-3 without missing a beat

Smooth as Eggs the Dawgs may get through the first five games, they may not…
but to end that stretch with a visit to the defending national champs

The Right Reverend will richt have to bust out an extra “motivational tactic” to top vandy? the dawgs have struggled with them of late

Smooth as Eggs and then the Gators, who are still a little upset about that last “motivational tactic”

slowjerk: that was bush league.
i don’t care what anyone says – if you need to do something like that to get your team going… well… i guess that is SEC football. they were flat

Smooth as Eggs ok, No. 5

I won’t travel far from No. 4 and peg Florida as No. 5

The Right Reverend that’s just because your wife would murder you if you didn’t

Smooth as Eggs true, but also, the Gators have Tebow

The Right Reverend football jesus?
or is that percy harvin?

Smooth as Eggs and legend has it, Superman wears Tebow pajamas

slowjerk: matt “manspooner” stafford wears a tebow thong

Smooth as Eggs my only concern with Florida is, the Gators’ defense was sorry last year,
and the Gators’ secondary has been decimated by torn ACLs this fall

slowjerk: that’s OK – because they don’t play offense in the SEC. Tebow is pretty studly though

Smooth as Eggs not to mention, in addition to Harvin,
Florida also has Rainey and Moody to help take some of the load off Tebow.
and Demps

The Right Reverend good news for florida: they don’t have to defend the only legit offense in their league -THEIR offense. (tenn forfeited “legit o” rights when cutcliffe left again)

Smooth as Eggs on that note, how long until Fat Phil gets the axe in Knoxville

The Right Reverend and does it happen before his heart blows out like a florida defensive back’s knee?

slowjerk: i think they are mutually exclusive

Smooth as Eggs and I will say while Georgia is ranked ahead of Florida, I think the Gators are the team to beat in the SEC East, based on the schedule

slowjerk: agreed

The Right Reverend agreed

Smooth as Eggs the Gators have breathing room in between their toughest games, unlike Georgia,
getting Ole Miss and Arkansas in between Tennessee and LSU, and then Kentucky in between LSU and Georgia.
nice setup.
also receiving a nice setup, is the Dean’s List’s No. 6….

Smooth as Eggs Ohio State

slowjerk: yeah, even though they will ruin terrelle pryor
Smooth as Eggs that’s right, no THE.
just Ohio State

The Right Reverend well, they are ONLY the second state university in ohio. hip, hip, hooray for the mighty Ohio Bobcats
Smooth as Eggs the nice setup for the Buckeyes is the sorry excuse that is the Big 10.
I mean, Big 11

The Right Reverend do we need to say anything more about ohio state than this:good defense (though oversized/slow); good running game; average QB; weak league
= BCS-game berth. write it down.

Smooth as Eggs or, in other words, the same Buckeyes team from the past 2 years: run rampant through a weak conference only to be exposed horribly in a BCS game. also, Beanie Wells is the truth. if anybody can give Knowson a run for best RB in the game, it’s Beanie

Smooth as Eggs it’s sad that JoePa is now senile otherwise the Nittany Lions would have Pryor and Penn State could actually give Ohowihate a good challenge

The Right Reverend who is more sad: JoePa or Bobby Bowden?

Smooth as Eggs Bowden. he had his own son as his OC.

slowjerk: it’s sad that boeckman is one of the best QB’s in a BCS conference

The Right Reverend it’s sad that purdue’s quarterback is better than ohio state’s (and his name ain’t drew brees)

slowjerk: really – name four good QB’s in the big 10

Smooth as Eggs
Eddie McGee.
is Curtis Painter still around at Purdue? Pryor.

slowjerk: this really isn’t looking good for the big 10

Smooth as Eggs hell, Manspooner may be the best QB in the Big 11. OUCH

slowjerk: that’s harsh. but – not far off base

The Right Reverend all right. on to no. 7. i like wvu.
let’s give em some love

slowjerk: god I hate west virginia

Smooth as Eggs the Mountaineers may be tough again, but this year is it. RichRod may be a skeezy assclown, but the dude knows the spread option. you don’t lose a great coach without suffering.
luckily, WVU still has Pat White and Noel Devine

slowjerk: that colorado game could be interesting
– and they host auburn, but then they’ll lose at UCONN or something and make everyone realize that they are in the big east. and even the best big east team isn’t all that good.

Smooth as Eggs two good chances for West Virginia to prove they are legit. of course, WVU may not want to overlook Pitt again, either

The Right Reverend Eer fans better enjoy this year. I’l coin a catchphrase for them: The last ride of the Mountaineers.
i smell hollywood blockbuster

Smooth as Eggs still, mark it down – Dec. 6 in Morganstown – Big East title game

against South Florida

slowjerk: and the two in a row at UL and at Pitt could be a statement weekend

well, yeah, USF is going to beat ku.
and they have orange bowl rings

Smooth as Eggs USF is a budding power

slowjerk: lax academic standards, located in a talent-rich state, FSU and Miami in a down period

slowjerk: can’t get into the state school? check out USF!

The Right Reverend Well, of course USF is good. they had the good sense to hire a guy with a great education

slowjerk: yeah, there’s that too

The Right Reverend on to no. 8: LSU

slowjerk: dumbest coach in the history of championship coaches

Smooth as Eggs and luckiest

slowjerk: and weakest – i mean, c’mon dude, go to your alma mater. sack up

Smooth as Eggs it definitely seemed at times that Miles was trying his best to lose games last year

The Right Reverend good players make coaches look smart. bad players make coaches look dumb. no coach proves that more than les “the hat” miles

Smooth as Eggs need a FG to win, throw a bomb into the end zone, and get a game-winning TD with 1 second left. and then act like you would have had plenty of time if the ball wasn’t caught

slowjerk: the biggest internet message board fodder on the evening of August 30th:
“Proof that the SEC is better than the big 10 – LSU destroyed Ap State”

Smooth as Eggs yes.
Appalachian State with the chance to upset a top 10 team for the second straight year

The Right Reverend you might put miss cleo out of business yet, slowjerk

slowjerk: won’t happen – they’ll be at LSU AT NIGHT – which apparently i’m supposed to think is amazing

Smooth as Eggs no. 1 reason, though, why LSU won’t repeat:
the Tigers may end up starting a transfer from Harvard at QB

Smooth as Eggs read that again, a transfer from Harvard at QB

slowjerk: I’ll give you 3 reasons Auburn, Florida, and Georgia

Smooth as Eggs those are good, too

The Right Reverend nuff said

The Right Reverend you know, the only region that might think more of itself than the SEC is the state in which our no. 9 dean’s list member resides: Texas

slowjerk: hook ’em

Smooth as Eggs yes, that and Ohio
slowjerk: and nebraska

The Right Reverend There’s one reason to put Texas at No. 9: Will Muschamp

Smooth as Eggs Muschamp is the supposed greatest DC in the history of sports

slowjerk: you forget about bo pelini. he’s the jesus christ of the blackshirts

Smooth as Eggs and he’d better be to shut down the offenses in the Big 12. because stifling the run on first down, run on second down, run on third down offense of the SEC doesn’t mean squat when trying to defend in the air-it-out Big 12

The Right Reverend Colt McCoy and the offense will be solid, but Muschamp must mold the texas talent pool into the defense it should be

Smooth as Eggs the concern with Texas is the drop since VY left. also, Colt McCoy took a huge step back last year. if Colt doesn’t rebound, the Longhorns could have problems with a schedule that includes Oklahoma, Missouri, Tech and kansas.
that’s a lot of firepower

The Right Reverend that’s a tough big 12 north stretch. wow, i really just said that … and colorado and nebraska had nothing to do with it

slowjerk: kansas. pshaw

Smooth as Eggs those four games come within a six-week stretch, too

late in the year

The Right Reverend hey, kU will challenge Texas in lawrence (But come up short, of course)

slowjerk: rrs will, again, decide the south

Smooth as Eggs mark it down – for the first time, Texas loses the game after the Red River Shootout

The Right Reverend hey, you know who else kU will challenge in Lawrence?

the tenth member of STQ’s Dean’s List: Texas Tech.
and guess what? kU won’t be able to handle them, either

Smooth as Eggs Mike Leach = genius. and funny as hell

slowjerk: speaking of numbers:TTU – numbers factory over the years.
name me a Tech QB who has had success post-leach

Smooth as Eggs I really don’t think the mad scientist cares

The Right Reverend college wins are all that matters

Smooth as Eggs give him anybody with an arm that won’t fall off, and he’ll put up about 20-gazillion yards

slowjerk: crabtree is a beast

Smooth as Eggs the difference, though, is that Tech is supposed to have a defense this year

The Right Reverend we will see. i don’t buy all the hype

slowjerk: but, there was a defense in the big 12 that made Crabtree disappear last year… no – i don’t either

Smooth as Eggs although, luckily for Leach and Co. – no Missouri on the schedule. the Tigers own the Red Raiders, as Jerk was leading into

The Right Reverend Missouri defensive coordinator is Matt Eberflus is Leach’s kryptonite

slowjerk: tech’s preseason rank is the highest they’ll be all year

Smooth as Eggs onto the second 10 of the Dean’s List (and the editing stops here, folks. read on at your own risk).

No. 11 – Clemson

slowjerk: Auburn at 12

Smooth as Eggs the Tigers are coached by Tommy Bowden, which means they will choke

The Right Reverend or “clempson” if you’re from the dirty dirty

slowjerk: nice four tigers in the top 15.

The Right Reverend the good news for clemson: at least papa bowden will let them beat florida state

Smooth as Eggs Bobby – turning FSU back into a women’s college

slowjerk: they’ll start stealing high heels

The Right Reverend at least they’ll still be able to get them at dillard’s…

Smooth as Eggs No. 12 – another batch of Tigers….AUBURN

can the Tigers play offense?

slowjerk: i have no feeling towards auburn

i know that if they are playing, i usually look for another game

The Right Reverend i assume their defense will be very good, their offense will be blah, and they’ll be boring to watch

slowjerk: does anyone buy wisky this year?

The Right Reverend nope

Smooth as Eggs because that’s what Auburn has been every year since the beginning of time?

I buy that Wisconsin probably will be the Big 11’s second-best team not that it means much and that’s if they can hold off Eddie McGee and the Illini

slowjerk: wisky is like the big, scary dude that shows up at a party but then shits his pants when he spills his drink

The Right Reverend i like illinois better than wiscy

slowjerk: not at 13 though

Smooth as Eggs Arizona State?

slowjerk: dennis “don’t call me scott” erickson

The Right Reverend sure

Smooth as Eggs if you hire Dennis Erickson, you are guaranteeing yourself two things: No. 1 – you’ll win football games; No. 2 – you’ll be running a dirty program

slowjerk: when you lance a boil like Sam Keller, you have more than just one year of good health

slowjerk: 14

Smooth as Eggs how much does Miami wish they still had Erickson

or Butch Davis for that matter

The Right Reverend pssh, they’ve got randy shannon. that’s enough

Smooth as Eggs onto 14

Smooth as Eggs who do we have left that are going to get into spots 14-21?



Smooth as Eggs BYU

The Right Reverend illinois at 14

then byu

slowjerk: kwho

Smooth as Eggs USF

The Right Reverend so: u of I, byu, wiscy, kU, usf,

Smooth as Eggs that’s 18
and I don’t know what order

The Right Reverend that’s my order

slowjerk: VT?

Smooth as Eggs Oregon? i’m fine with that order, too. VaTech at 19?

Smooth as Eggs ok

Oregon at 20…or Tenn?

slowjerk: oregon

Smooth as Eggs the fighting JoePa’s?

The Right Reverend i like oregon

Smooth as Eggs cool, let’s knock this bitch out then

No. 14 – the Fighting Ron Zookers

The Right Reverend illlinois has a great defense and great athletes everywhere. too bad illinois also has juice “one-hop” williams at QB

Smooth as Eggs unfortunately, the Illini’s best QB is on the sideline while Juice Williams trickles down his leg

but, Benn = the real deal

slowjerk: they got outclassed last year at the rose

didn’t belong on the field

The Right Reverend no, the real deal was the one benn’s mom got for sending her son to champaign

Smooth as Eggs are you trying to say, they got Sanchezed

slowjerk: isn’t she like AD of Illini now?

Smooth as Eggs Ron Zook = the football equivalent of ku basketball coaches

slowjerk: ok – no 15 – The Fighting Mormons

The Right Reverend at least until regis leaves for the NFl

byu – they like throwing the football as much as joe smith liked married multiple chicks

Smooth as Eggs all I have to say on BYU – their coach’s name is Bronco

slowjerk: They are the Shawn Kemp of the forward pass

Smooth as Eggs seriously, the coach’s name is Bronco

The Right Reverend byu was making average-skilled QBs look great when Mike Leach was still cutting his teeth

and Max Young is the next in line

Smooth as Eggs is he also related to Brigham Young?

slowjerk: they’re all related, man

The Right Reverend funny side note: the man who recorded the original mormon bible is interred in the same graveyard as Civil War guerilla Bloody Bill Anderson. In Richmond, Missouri.

slowjerk: sidenote – wasn’t it bob feller you talked to?

The Right Reverend yeah

slowjerk: kurkijan is sucking him off on baseball tonight

“he had nine one-hitters”

Smooth as Eggs a nice little history note on STQ, who would have imagined that

The Right Reverend so how about those wisconsin badgers

slowjerk: they are the ultimate paper tiger

Smooth as Eggs well, I don’t imagine they’ll actually have a legit QB

The Right Reverend at no. 16

slowjerk: they always LOOK good

but rarely do they PLAY good

The Right Reverend well, all i know is that allen evridge wasn’t good enough to beat our josh “soulglo” freeman when joshie was a freshman

Smooth as Eggs the most famous Wisconsin QB – Jim Sorgi

slowjerk: here’s wisky’s formula

The Right Reverend that means he isn’t that good of a QB

Smooth as Eggs what is he famous for, backing up Peyton Manning and NEVER seeing the field

The Right Reverend but the badgers have two advantages: their conference, and Travis Beckum

slowjerk: Blah QB – bruising RB – underachievers

Smooth as Eggs Beckum – the best TE not named Chase Coffman. also, like Jerk said, Wisconsin will run the ball


slowjerk: another team that I find boring. there’s a thing called the “forward pass” – look into it

Smooth as Eggs so, besides Brett Favre, what is Wisconsin famous for?


you know who likes cheese?

AM The Right Reverend mark mangino?

Smooth as Eggs yes

slowjerk: i won’t say anything positive about ku here


Smooth as Eggs mark mangino loves cheese (along with every other food known to man)

The Right Reverend is his team no. 17 on the dean’s list?

slowjerk: they have a overachieving qb who lost most of his O-line

Smooth as Eggs unfortunately, the red-legged b@$%&^@s are

slowjerk: they lost their playmakers on D – and one of ’em was a stoned moron who got taken constantly

The Right Reverend we at STQ are still checking the transcripts – it’s likely kU cheated it’s way into this grade (like they cheated decent players into school back in the early Mangino days)

slowjerk: they play a d-1 schedule this year

Smooth as Eggs which means, about 4-5 losses?

slowjerk: sounds about right. also – they were in a bcs game and they wore what looked to be practice uniforms

Smooth as Eggs and one of those will come to No. 18 on the Dean’s List

slowjerk: just ugly

The Right Reverend but, we’ll give them credit for now… gives us more to make fun oflater

slowjerk: all aspects of this team are ugly


Smooth as Eggs the South Florida Bulls

slowjerk: Levitt is a madman

with a quality education

Smooth as Eggs South Florida will win for that reason alone – Leavitt is a Mizzou grad, and there is no way he lets the beakers leave Florida with a win

The Right Reverend he also, as we mentioned earlier, is in a great situation in a weaker-than-jerk’s-knees-when-he-sees-naked-men conference

Smooth as Eggs plus, besides his Bulls, there’s only one legit team in that talent-rich state: the Gators now that Bowden is senile and Miami doesn’t seem to care anymore

The Right Reverend Matt Groethe is a smart, solid QB; USF’s defense is fast and nasty (spread o’s, beware George Selvie)

slowjerk: and like I said – their academic standards are more lax than the rev’s sister’s morals

both will let anyone in

12:28 AM Smooth as Eggs you know who’s not a smart, solid QB?

Sean f&cking Glennon

slowjerk: seriously

Kyle Orton is a better QB

Smooth as Eggs the only guy who should’ve been named a bowl game MVP twice

The Right Reverend juice williams is a better qb

Smooth as Eggs for the opposing team

slowjerk: i’ve seen better QB play from Darren McFadden

Smooth as Eggs Sean Glennon couldn’t even start at QB in the SEC

slowjerk: Sean Glennon is a poor man’s Kirk Farmer

Smooth as Eggs that said, Glennon does start for the Dean’s List’s 19th ranked team – the VaTech Hokies

who will have a great defense and will beat some poor team thanks to special teams

slowjerk: hopefully he’ll remember to bring his jersey to all the games this season

The Right Reverend and maybe throw more TDs to HIS team and fewer to the OTHER?

slowjerk: one would hope

Smooth as Eggs actually, if I was VaTech, I’d hide his jersey every game

make him wear the opponents

that way he’ll actually complete passes to his receivers

slowjerk: true – then he’d throw it to his guys

Smooth as Eggs a$$clown

slowjerk speaking of dollars

Nike U

Smooth as Eggs (skipped Wake)

The Right Reverend home of the loudest stadium and ugliest uniforms

slowjerk (don’t care)

Smooth as Eggs (unless we want them at 21, because I’m fine with that)

The Right Reverend i don’t thknk wake is dean worthy

oregon and tennesse

Smooth as Eggs ok


slowjerk do they still have tim duncan?

i’m only going to say one thing about oregon

they have ryan leaf’s brother


The Right Reverend injuries derailed nike u’s championship run last year

Smooth as Eggs is Brady Leaf their starting QB?

The Right Reverend well, that and brady leaf

slowjerk it’s like some terrible mash-up of Brady Quinn and Ryan Leaf

Smooth as Eggs it’s hard to make Ryan Leaf look like the best QB in the family

but Brady makes it look easy

slowjerk apparently, after watching him last year, it ain’t that hard

Smooth as Eggs he’s still better than Sean Glennon, though

The Right Reverend and juice williams

and todd boeckeman

slowjerk and Stafford

Smooth as Eggs and Josh “I’m going to be the first pick in the 2009 draft” Freeman

slowjerk CFL draft

Smooth as Eggs no

The Right Reverend it’s still a draft

Smooth as Eggs World League of American Football

slowjerk Colorado Intramural Football

The Right Reverend oregon: ugly uniforms, ugly QB, but good enough to make the dean’s list (blame grading on a curve)

Smooth as Eggs does that mean we’re ready for last, and most definitely least, No. 21


slowjerk yes. did erik ainge finally graduate?

Smooth as Eggs the only coach to ever be served at conference media days

Phil Fulmer

and yes, Ainge is gone

probably training to take over the Celtics anyday now

slowjerk finally – that guy was there forever

and he was never very good

Smooth as Eggs he was good enough to stick it out, unlike Brett Schaefer

who couldn’t even beat out a walk-on at Ole Miss

slowjerk or the claussen they had

Smooth as Eggs Vols will start out 0-3 in conference

Florida, at Auburn, at Georgia

slowjerk they will see the words “interim coach” soon after

“Interim Coach Tee Martin”

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  1. it seems like people assume Ryan Leaf is going to screw up before it actually happens… but i guess this is mostly his own doing

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