STQ Week 1 Pop Quiz

Here at Streaking the Quad, we try and make sure our college experts stay on top of the game. So, each week during the season, we’ll put that knowledge to the test with the weekly breakdowns of the biggest games across the land.

Mad Handles

Slow Jerk


The Right Rev

(23) Wake Forest at Baylor

Wake 31-10

Wake 23-17

Wake 24-13

Wake 27-13

Youngstown at (2) Ohio St.

tOSU 42-3

tOSU 39-7

tOSU 38-3

tOSU 38-10

Akron at (13) Wisconsin

Wisc. 24-14

Wisc. 19-13

Wisc. 24-6

Wisc. 28-14

(17) VaTech at East Carolina

VT 48-3

VT 37-22

ECU 28-(-4)

ECU 21-17

C. Carolina at (22) Penn St.

PSU 38-12

PSU 44-14

PSU 43-7

PSU 40-9

Bowling Green at (25) Pitt

Pitt 24-21

BG 27-25

Pitt 35-17

Pitt 32-11

Georgia Southern at (1) UGA

UGA 45-0

UGA 40-10

UGA 44-14

UGA 45-3

Hawaii at (5) Florida

UF 41-7

UF 88-18

UF 55-10

UF 49-17

(3) USC at Virginia

USC 31-27

USC 37-24

USC 48-14

USC 38-7

Villanova at (8) WVU

WVU 42-12

WVU 39-37

WVU 38-8

WVU 56-10

Appalachian State at (7) LSU

LSU 38-14

LSU 31-17

LSU 29-10

LSU 38-23

Northern Iowa at (16) BYU

BYU 35-13

BYU 38-13

BYU 41-2

BYU 48-28

Chattanooga at (4) OU

OU 48-6

OU 44-6

OU 70-0

OU 44-6

UL-Monroe at (10) Auburn

Aub. 38-17

Aub. 33-17

Aub. 17-8

Aub. 35-10

FAU at (11) Texas

UT 41-3

UT 55-14

UT 44-14

UT 45-20

E. Wash. at (12) TexTech

Tech 77-33

Tech 40-29

Tech 88-28

Tech 69-12

FIU at (14) kansAss

ku 52-17

ku 31-22

FIU 2-(-999)

FIU 1M-2

UT-Martin at (19) USF

USF 38-23

USF 49-14

USF 38-3

USF 31-3

(24) Bama vs. (9) Clemson

Bama 28-21

Clem. 6-3

Clem. 24-8

Clem. 38-19

(20) Illinois vs. (6) Missouri

Mizzou 44-24

Mizzou 49-21

Mizzou 40-24

Mizzou 30-12

NAU at (15) Arizona St.

ASU 33-10

ASU 31-16

ASU 32-7

ASU 29-12

Washington at (21) Oregon

Wash. 38-35

Wash. 31-28

UO 20-16

UO 49-17

(18) Tennessee at UCLA

Tenn. 31-24

UCLA 30-22

Tenn. 18-12

Tenn. 24-21

S. Dakota State at Iowa State

ISU 14-10

ISU 23-14

ISU 8-5

ISU 27-19

Okie State at Wazzu

OSU 28-21

OSU 29-21

OSU 43-34

OSU 33-15

W. Michigan at Nebraska

UNL 35-28

UNL 31-14

UNL 4-3

UNL 17-16

Arkansas State at aTm

aTm 28-26

aTm 29-3

aTm 285-15

aTm 24-10

N. Texas at Kansas State

KSU 31-28

KSU 23-21

KSU 11-10

KSU 36-18

Colorado State at Colorado

CU 35-24

CU 21-17

CU 23-20

CU 19-12

NC State at South Carolina

USCe 28-14

USCe 35-29

USCe 17-15

USCe 22-7

Syracuse at Northwestern

Cuse 28-14

NW 17-14

NW 2-0

NW 39-10

Utah at Michigan

Mich. 31-17

Utah 22-21

Utah 27-16

Utah 37-20

Michigan State at Cal

Cal 28-24

Cal 33-17

Cal 23-22

Cal 20-14

Memphis at Ole Miss

Mem. 34-17

Mem. 25-21

Mem. 6-5

Miss. 28-21

Kentucky at Louisville

UL 28-17

UL 99-82

UL 50-49

UL 38-35

Fresno State at Rutgers

FSU 34-17

FSU 33-17

FSU 30-12

FSU 31-27

The full analysis from the snarkiest college buffs around is after the jump.

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STQ Fall Semester 2008 Course Catalog: ACC, Big 10

The preseason is coming to a close, and with that, we here at STQ want to provide you with every opportunity to have a successful Fall Semester. Through the coming days you can peruse our Course Catalog to find out everything you could possibly want regarding the BCS Conferences. Your first two syllabi come to you from Professor Slow Jerk – they cover the Atlantic Coast Conference and the Big Ten(eleven).

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STQ Roundtable: preseason Dean’s List

We came. We saw. We chatted. We ranked.

slowjerk: anyway – number 1

The Right Reverend i vote for USC

slowjerk: damn, I agree

Smooth as Eggs that’s what I was thinking, too

The Right Reverend because rey manalauga told me he would eat my arm if i didn’t

slowjerk: coming off of an absolute beating of (and I hate to say this) a pretty good Illini team

Smooth as Eggs even if Mark Sanchez is better at assaulting females than throwing a football

slowjerk: Mark Sanchez > John David Booty

The Right Reverend I think Mitch Mustain’s mom likes Sanchez. either that, or she’s planning a hit on him so her boy can play… i can’t remember which it was Continue reading